What Is A Corporate Magician?

A corporate magician is a great way to help entertain your guests at a corporate event.

You can hire these magical entertainers for almost any event, including workshops, trade shows and product launches.

Corporate magicians engage your audience and the type of magic is tailored specifically to the type of event you are organizing.

In this article, we find out what a corporate magician is and why it’s worth hiring these magical mind readers for your corporate event.

What Is A Corporate Magician?

A corporate magician is an entertainer who performs magic tricks and other illusions at corporate events.

Every corporate magician has his own style and can customize the type of tricks and performance to the specific guests in your audience.

This allows corporate event organizers to plan and set up their event, and then hire a magician whose magic show would seamless blend in with the original setup.

A corporate magician adds a different form of entertainment to your event. He or she can keep your audience engaged and even cover any potential delays on the day.

What Events Can You Hire A Corporate Magician For?

You can hire a corporate magician for almost any type of business event, from a formal banquet and conference to your product launch, a team building day and a trade show.

Corporate magic adapted to your individual guests helps to interact with your audience and add some fun entertainment to your evening or day.

As the magic tricks and illusions can be fully customized for your event, you just need to organize your event and discuss the individual arrangements with a local corporate magician (see also ‘How To Book A Magician For An Event‘).

Why Hire A Corporate Magician?

There are many reasons why hiring a corporate magician for your event is a great idea.

From light entertainment to fun and laughter, a business magician can create an entertaining atmosphere that makes your corporate event a success.

1) A Corporate Magician Creates A Memorable Time

Whether you have an evening event or a conference during the day, corporate magic and entertainment always leaves a memorable impression.

Magic is something that fascinates and inspires. It’s not often that magic finds its place into the corporate world, so it’s still very special to see a magician at a corporate event.

2) A Corporate Magician Brings More Energy To Your Event

When you are organizing a business event, then corporate event entertainment may not be at the top of your list.

But adding some light entertainment, such as a corporate magician, to an event can help create a more energetic atmosphere.

It can help event attendees engage more with each other around the table or across the room.

Plus, corporate event magicians can also bring a lightheartedness to your event. This can be especially engaging when at conferences and more formal banquets.

3) A Corporate Magician Engages The Whole Audience

A good corporate magician is able to captivate an entire audience and individual groups with his close-up tricks and illusions.

Corporate magicians are fun and they are able to communicate with guests from all backgrounds through the language of magic.

This can be especially important for events with attendees from different parts of the world.

A corporate magician can then help bring people closer together, creating wonder, awe and excitement.

4) A Corporate Magician Entertains Audiences At Both Small And Large Events

While many magic shows are grand and fill an entire hall full of people, corporate magicians can work with any event size.

Whether you have a small team building workshop or a large conference, a corporate magician is able to adjust the individual magic tricks and his performance to the size of the event as well as the audience type.

5) A Corporate Magician Creates Fun And Laughter

Even when we love our job, we can easily get burned out from working too long hours or the lack of a break. Burnout can interfere with our ability to experience joy and fun.

A corporate magician can create a relaxed atmosphere on a corporate event that helps employees take their minds off the daily work.

Corporate magic is a great way to help boost the morale of an entire team and create a bonding experience that will connect everyone within the team.

6) A Corporate Magician Can Cover For Delays

Even the best organized event can experience delays, from forgotten table settings to the wrong music setup.

There could even be technical glitches throughout the day that could mean guests would need to wait for some time until the event program continues.

That’s when a corporate magician can help to keep guests distracted and entertained while any issues are fixed.

7) A Corporate Magician Can Increase Participation Numbers

There is something truly special and unique about magic. It’s a true eye-catcher and magic always draws people in.

That’s why, many magic shows are often booked out. It’s not just a simple form of entertainment where the audience watches a performance but guests are asked to engage.

People generally like being part of a magic and join in during the event.

While corporate events have a different focus, people are still interested in events that have a corporate magician.

As an event organizer, the announcement of having a magician at your event can help to increase attendance and participation.

8) Corporate Magic Helps Guests To Bond

Almost any type of magic event helps people bond over this unique experience. A corporate magician always provides a sense of wonderment to his audience.

This can give the crowd something to talk about all evening and beyond. It can help foster team building at the event.

Whether guests enjoyed a particular trick or they are trying to figure out how it was done, magic is a great conversation starter that can ignite discussions and even friendships.

9) Corporate Magic Is A Diverse Way To Entertain Corporate Guests

If you are an event planner, you likely regularly include a form of corporate event entertainment into your plans.

When it comes to organizing the right entertainment, you want to find someone unique and individual.

That’s where a corporate magician can help. He can organize parts of the entertainment and it’s individual to your event.

It’s important to get a flexible entertainer who can adapt to the type of your event and its size.

Corporate magicians can customize their performance according to the event, from guest presentations to business celebrations.

10) Corporate Magicians Inspire Their Audience

Magic is a universal language that is creative and inspirational. It helps our minds to stretch beyond the possible.

This does not just draw people together but it also helps them bond over the issue of how this illusion works.

This can help event attendees to think outside the box and be more creative, during the event and beyond.

What Type Of Magic Can A Corporate Magician Perform At An Event?

Corporate magicians perform similar magic tricks as stage magicians or magicians for private events.

However, their performance is tailored to the type of event and the audience. Here are some of the most common magic types performed by corporate magicians.

Close-Up Magic

Also known as micro-magic or table magic, close-up magic is performed in a smaller setting for a smaller audience around a table.

This magic usually involves sleight-of-hand manipulations and other tricks that amaze guests.

With close-up magic, the corporate magician usually goes around the room and offers his tricks to individual tables or groups of people at the event.

The advantage of close-up magic is that you don’t need a stage or a big room for this type of event entertainment.

Stage Magic Tricks

Stage magic is the opposite of close-up magic. This type of magic trick is performed on a stage.

The stage itself is often already a foreboding sign to the event guests that something fascinating will happen.

Stage magic is ideal for any larger events on a grand scale. You will need to have a large room with a stage and suitable lighting.

Magic on a stage is less intimate but it can have a much greater impact across the entire audience.


Many corporate magicians are also mentalists. These entertainers read the minds of complete strangers, such as the guests of a corporate event.

There are a number of different tricks that corporate mentalists could perform, including recreating unknown drawings by a guest.

Mentalists are becoming more and more popular as they also perform their tricks for television and large audiences. But you don’t need to put on a large event for a mentalist.

Mentalism can add another dimension to your corporate magic entertainment.


A corporate magician is ideal for any type and size of large business events. He performs magic illusions and tricks for different audiences and guests.

Corporate magicians can flexibly adapt to the size of the event and the individual members of the audience.

A good corporate magician inspires and creates exciting entertainment. This creates some great conversations which help guests to bond with each other in the evening, and beyond.