10 Entertainment Ideas For Events That Your Guests Will Love

10 Entertainment Ideas For Events That Your Guests Will Love

An event, whether a personal or a corporate event, can take a lot to plan. While the guests are there for a specific reason, you will also want to keep their spirits high.

One way of doing this is by booking some form of entertainment. Fortunately, there are so many different types of entertainment to wow guests. The right entertainment can also leave a long lasting impression too.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating an engagement or a birthday, or have a fundraiser or an award ceremony to plan, here are 10 entertainment ideas for events that your guests will love.

1. DJ

Unsurprisingly, we have started off with a DJ. One of the easiest ways to entertain at an event is by hiring a DJ. However, this does not mean it will suit every event under the sun.

If you are looking to get people onto their feet and dancing, then a DJ is always a good option. So long as they play the right music for the vibe you are going for, then a DJ can be a really good way to entertain guests – perhaps even all night long.

Some DJs can even offer extra lighting and props which is especially helpful if you have a dance floor.

While a DJ is a good starting point, you could also choose to add in other entertainment too. There are many entertainers that work well alongside a DJ, for example dancers or a magician.

2. Live Band

A live band will always be a great go-to for any event or party. Depending on the genre of band you go with will create the type of atmosphere that you want to have for the event.

Whether it is a cocktail party or a huge corporate event, the music from the band will be a key feature. You can also have the band play as part of the ambience by being in the background, or have them at the forefront of everyone’s attention.

While an expensive option, they bring an atmosphere that other entertainers do not. This means that a band is worth investing in. But hey, there are still plenty more worthwhile entertainment options to check out yet.

3. Fortune Teller

If you need a side-attraction for a large event, then a fortune teller is a truly unique form of entertainment.

While they will not be the main source of entertainment, they can offer something extra to a bigger corporate event. Plus, a lot of guests will enjoy having their future read in various different ways.

For example, you can choose a tarot-card reader, a palm reader, or something else entirely.

You can even create a fun themed area where the fortune teller sits to add some mystery to the event.

4. Dancers

Dancers are always great entertainment at an event. They can create a spectacular atmosphere at a large event, and can work well alongside a DJ too, though this is not necessary.

When it comes to choosing dancers, there are so many different genres of dance to choose from. When picking the right style, go for something that fits in with the event’s theme. However, also make sure that it is a type of dance people will be entertained by.

More often than not, dancers can truly hold their own when it comes to entertaining. No doubt people will be wowed after their performance.

5. Visual Artist And Caricaturist

Having a visual artist at an event is a simple way to let guests have the chance to take away a memento from the occasion.

A caricaturist is always a popular choice when it comes to choosing an artist to appear at an event. This is because they can draw quite fast and are used to working with lots of people within a small space of time.

People also love to be drawn in this art style because it is fun and gives people something to put on their wall back at home.

You could also have artists creating live installations too. While this may not be interactive for the guests, it gives them something to watch.

You may want to tie this in with a DJ and other entertainment for an all-round experience.

6. Magician/Mentalist

Magicians (or a mentalist) are really popular when it comes to event entertainment. They have the ability to adapt to the situation that they are in, making them a wonderful source of entertainment for guests.

They can also work the room or do their magic upon a stage – or even both. A professional magician is bound to keep your guests entertained and wondering how the tricks were performed.

They are worth their money too, as a magician can be used anywhere during the event. They can even help to break the ice for guests who may be struggling to warm up at the start of an event.

The majority of magicians will change their style of tricks too depending on the guests’ average age. So, don’t expect to see silly tricks if most of the guests are over the age of 30. Prepare to be amazed instead.

7. Circus Performers

If you are holding an event that has a carnival theme, or at least nods to the theme in some way, then circus performers are a must.

You can stick to the obvious and choose clowns and silly entertainment, but you can also make the event have a classy theme too.

Adding circus performers to a carnival event will create a feeling of authenticity. You will even have fun choosing the types of entertainment. From jugglers and fire breathers, to gymnasts and unicyclists – there is something for everyone.

You can have them scattered around the room performing various tricks, or have one big showcase to wow the crowd.

8. Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love to have photo evidence of themselves having fun at an event or a party? Even better, who doesn’t love to have professional photos of themselves at an event or a party?

A really popular form of entertainment at an event is using a photo booth or having a professional photographer take pictures.

While you could have a photographer taking pictures throughout the night, it is much more fun for the guests to sit or stand in a dedicated photo shoot area.

You can theme the decorations and props to tie in with the reason for the event too. The pictures are then likely to be shared on social media which means great exposure.

Just don’t forget to add funny props and so on. Sometimes people feel awkward standing in front of the camera, whether in a photo booth or facing a professional photographer, so props add an ice breaker element.

9. Party Games

If you are in need of some casual entertainment, then classic party games are always a good go-to. This is because the majority of people will know how to play the games, and they offer some friendly competition.

If it is a bridal shower event then you could add in games about the bride and include fun themed prizes.

You can also think about adding giant sized outdoor party games too. This works for both bigger and smaller events, and offers some fun with classic games such as beer pong, jenga and tic-tac-toe.

If the corporate event or gala is a big get-together, then you can even think about adding funfair stalls like hook-a-duck and coconut shy.

10. Comedian

A comedian is always a great choice if you are looking to create a fun atmosphere. In fact, a comedian is always a good option for large and formal events.

If you are planning a corporate event, then you may want to hire a professional comedian to do the job. They will be able to work with the crowd and adapt to the situation. However, they will cost a lot more so factor this into your budget.

If you are planning a smaller event, then you can use an up-and-coming comedian. These are the ones who are hoping to get their name out there, and they have a lot of talent.

Just remember to listen to their material first. While budget should be a key factor, you will want to make sure that they are suited to the audience you are catering for.


As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to event entertainment.

While you can go with the safer routes of choosing a DJ or a live band, there are also quirky options such as including a fortune teller, a magician, or even some party games.

Including entertainment at an event, whether it is a gala, a ceremony, or even a family and friends celebration, it can give something extra to the atmosphere.

Plus, if you pick the right entertainment, you can feel rest assured that everyone will go away feeling happy – and no doubt they will be talking about it for weeks to come.